Season 1: Episode 5 - Franck and Charles of SnipCart

In this episode, Franck and Charles of SnipCart join us for a chat about eCommerce on static sites. After talking about the challenges of developing SnipCart, they both talk a lot about the JAMstack in general and their thoughts on how to contribute.


  1. Intro.

  2. What is SnipCart?

  3. How does SnipCart solve the problem of having a shopping cart on a static site?

  4. What was the main hurdle in developing SnipCart?

  5. Bonus: Is the JAMstack the opposite of Full Stack?

  6. Bonus: Does the JAMstack lead to JavaScript bloat?

  7. Bonus: TypeScript Chat!

  8. What are the limitations of eCommerce on a static site?

  9. What are some ways to sell the JAMstack to clients?

  10. Do developers have more of a say on what stack to use?

  11. What are your thoughts on the various Static Site Generators?

  12. Bonus: Marketing chat!

  13. What are some ways to contribute to the JAMstack community?

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We took a bit of a hiatus between episodes but we hope to get back to bringing you monthly episodes if not more!

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