Season 1: Episode 4 - Mark Catalano and Andrew Sprouse of TakeShape

In this episode the founders of TakeShape Mark Catalano and Andrew Sprouse join us for a chat about headless CMS’s, GraphQL, and their ideas on how a headless CMS should be.

After introducing themselves and talking a little bit about how they came to found TakeShape, Andrew gives a thorough background and explanation of GraphQL.


  1. Can you guys tell us a little bit about how you met, and then a bit about founding TakeShape?

  2. Why go headless?

  3. What is GraphQL?

  4. What is the main problem TakeShape is solving?

We apologize for the varying sound quality on the track in this episode. Occasionally there is background noise that is unavoidable when you’re not recording in a professional studio. We’re always working to bring the best quality content possible, we appreciate your understanding.


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